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Tpss Online

Tpss Online

Taekoplan Sports

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TPSS MLB 2010 League - lilbrudder11 (Twins) @ stepasyd (Braves)

Session #2 - Fixing TPSs

Huawei Matebook 'Hertz Project - Thematic'

This is TPSS Online for Android. An application which connects to the TPSS website and provides information on current and archived tournaments, which have been published on TPSS.

Users who have an account on TPSS can login and can see the outlines, time tables, results, fightnumbers, entries and so on...

So for all officials involved this is a great app, which keeps you up-to-date on planned fights, results, moved fights and so on during the tournament.

Without logging on only a number of options are available.
The application is depending on a good internet connection in the venue of a tournament. Especially for live results during the day.

A number of features will be added shortly, like authorisation and administering your own tournament(s).

Android 4+ compatible push notifications
Clicking a push notification shows the notification fullscreen.
Added autologin setting.
0.13 Added WTF flag to avoid irrecoverable runtime error
0.14: Updated layout, preparing new options to be available soon
0.15: Added view of all competitors in a tournament
0.16: Added WTF Ranking; fixed some minor layout bugs
0.17: Layout fixes for registered TPSS users
0.18: Fixed small issue with WTF ranking visually